Welcome to the 2017 UNC Environmental Sustainability in Australia blog. We are a group of 15 students and one faculty member studying abroad (#HeelsAbroad) in northern Queensland for five weeks. We are based out of Townsville (pic below) but will be visiting a lot of sitesĀ  throughout the region to learn from and work with conservation professionals.

Here are just a few of the exciting things we’ll be doing:

  • Taking a 2-day workshop on social marketing to learn about how to change people’s behaviors and attitudes towards environmental issues.
  • Touring Townsville with city planners to see their water and energy sustainability initiatives, which have made them one of IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge recipients.
  • Visiting Mungalla Station (an aboriginal beef cattle ranch) to learn how aboriginal groups are working alongside scientists to restore culturally important wetlands.
  • Working with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to do environmental monitoring in their Mt Zero and Taravale Reserves.
  • Working with conservation professionals on Magnetic Island to monitor koala populations.
  • Spend three days aboard a dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef snorkeling and diving to do reef surveys that will help assess the health of the reefs.

We look forward to filling you in on all the details of our adventures soon!